Vitality 101: Where is God Calling You Now?

Saturday, October 01, 2022 - 09:00am to 03:00pm

Gustavus Adolphus - 1669 Arcade St. N., St. Paul MN

Why is no one coming to church? We really do good things here, why doesn’t anyone want to be part of it? I am not sure where we are going… Our neighborhood has changed, how do we engage our neighbors? What is God up to here? 


If your congregation has asked these or similar questions, the synod's Vitality Team has something just for you. This workshop is an opportunity for your team to wrestle together with other congregational leaders about what it means to be vital today.


This interactive day features inspiring speakers, worship, activities and an opportunity to create your plan for implementing what you've learned into your own congregational setting. Based on the foundation of "vitality" and an urgent need to rediscover your why, the mission/vision/values exercises included in the day will inspire you to get to work. In addition to some basic teaching around vitality you will be invited to learn about having one-on-one conversations in your community and lining up what you hear with the mission you are called to live out. Join will be fun!



The cost is $10 per person and includes lunch. Start your registration below by selecting the number of participants you are bringing:

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