Easter, Yeast, and Leaven

Date posted: Tuesday 02 May 2017

The Easter season brings us wondrous thoughts about the Risen Christ and our promise of salvation through him. Since Easter is a season often filled with special baked goods requiring yeast, it’s a good time to consider a bit about yeast and leaven in our lives and our hunger work, too.


Yeast and leaven have amazing properties and can do some amazing things. A small amount can produce fermentation and allow something to grow to considerable size. It can literally “enliven” something.


In terms of your work to end hunger for all God’s people, how are you acting as leaven? What are you doing that “excites” others to join you in the effort? Have you thought of your work as “agitation”? That’s another synonym for yeast, too. Yes, our work through advocacy can be thought of as agitation, but it can also be “to lighten something subtly”, yet another definition of leaven. It takes all kinds as well as much leaven to bring results sometimes.


As you enjoy and appreciate the wonderful breads of Easter (and every day), let your thoughts go to the work of the leaven which caused it to rise. Give thanks to God for the gift of yeast and ask the Spirit to guide you as you act as leaven in your work to end hunger.


Vernita Kennen

Incarnation Lutheran, Shoreview


(Photo via Unsplash)