Dedication Day

Date posted: Thursday 04 May 2023

Last week the Iringa Diocese celebrated and dedicated the Bega Kwa Bega Multi-Purpose Hall at Mtera Secondary School.


The construction of the hall is one of the largest projects undertaken bega kwa bega recently. It was accomplished in three distinct project phases over several years, at a cost of around $80,000. The building will serve as a gathering space for school examinations, celebrations, graduations and other events.


The initial phase of construction was done using the volunteer labor of students and staff, digging the foundation and constructing the brick walls. BKB SPAS supported the next phases of construction financially, roofing the building in 2019 and finishing the building earlier this year. The construction was under the supervision of Joel Kissavah, Iringa Diocese engineer and project manager, and a committee that included stakeholders from both Iringa and St. Paul.


The dedication ceremony was held just prior to the Form Six graduation ceremony. Honored guests, former students and the families of graduating students gathered, and every person was invited to lay hands on the building during a prayer of blessing. Click here to enjoy photos of the project.


I am grateful for the thoughtful planning and oversight provided by all those involved in this project. The BKB Scholarship Committee led by Lynda Thompson shepherded the project from start to finish, coordinating communication with donors, diocese and those involved on-site. Dozens of congregations contributed to funding the project – asante sana!


Projects like this one are a great example of working shoulder to shoulder – each companion contributing their gifts, and in the process, constructing not only a building, but the capacity to do more together. May it be a blessing to all who pass through its doors.


To God be the glory!




Kirsten Levorson

Director of Bega Kwa Bega