Death, Protests, Pandemic, Storms & Joys

Date posted: Friday 05 June 2020

The world is hurting right now, begging for justice after the death of George Floyd, still wary in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not only true in the Twin Cities area, but also in Atlanta, Austin, Durango, Boulder, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas, where partners who love the Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala live. Racism is not unfamiliar to Guatemalans, as discrimination towards the indigenous population has over 500 years of history. There is much work to be done to make our world better, and we are part of that effort.


Guatemala is dealing with the pandemic, as well, and is still under quarantine. Then last week Tropical Storm Amanda hit. So many obstacles, and yet the work continues. Let me share what we have heard recently from the ILAG.


The ILAG Pastoral Team received offerings from several of its partners, using these funds to purchase food and health supplies for the 450 rural families. A large moving truck was rented, then both this truck and the ILAG pickup were filled with boxes of goods to sustain people during the quarantine. Having received government permits to be on the highways, three ILAG staff members, Estuardo, Diego, and Marco, will drive to deliver the supplies to various centralized locations. The men will drive through rain and mud from the tropical storm and will need to be very cautious to be safe from the virus. Please pray for their safety.


So far, we know of no ILAG members who have contracted the virus. The churches are not gathering on Sundays, and pastors/lay leaders are visiting each home to deliver the weekly readings. Pastor Karen is able to check in with each church leader regularly by cell phone, and the pastoral team is kept abreast of any challenges church members are facing.