Churches’ Week of Action on Food

Date posted: Friday 25 September 2015

by Vernita Kennen


I would venture that most of you, as I, did not know that the global church is coming together to participate in a “week of action on food”. Information was recently shared through the ELCA World Hunger program and from the World Council of Churches, Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance about this opportunity.


The week of October 11-18 is all about specific action regarding food security. This week “presents an opportunity for Christians and others around the world to act together for food justice and food sovereignty. It is a time to raise awareness about farming approaches that help individuals and communities develop resiliency and combat poverty. The Food for Life Campaign places a particular emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices and the situation of smallholder producers and their access to, and control over, natural resources such as land, water and seeds.”


The global Food Week of Action includes:


October 13 – International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction
October 15 – International Day for Rural Women
October 16 – World Food Day
October 17 – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty


Opportunities for prayers and emphases as well as display to celebrate this week abound. Check the websites for ELCA World Hunger and World Council of Churches for further information and toolkits.