Check Your Vision Lately? Is It 20/20?

Date posted: Thursday 02 January 2020

My recent visit to the eye doctor made me think about vision both in a physical sense and as a hope, dream, and plan for the future. No, I no longer have 20/20 vision without glasses. Perhaps you don’t either. As we enter the year 2020, I wonder what that says about our vision as God’s people who are called to care for the most vulnerable everywhere, especially those living with hunger. Is our vision 20/20? Do we see the one in 10 in our own country who don’t have enough to eat each day?


Here are some possibilities for you to help you “see” better in the year ahead:


  1. Continue to pray for all God’s children, especially those in need
  2. Support with your time and money efforts to end hunger, both those in your community and those around the world through ELCA World Hunger
  3. Advocate your elected officials (state and federal), asking them to support programs and policies which assist and encourage people who hunger and those living with poverty
  4. Spread the word by encouraging others to learn more about the causes of hunger as well as the ways in which we can work together as Lutheran Christians and citizens of the United States to end hunger.
  5. Remember to thank God every day for the gift of food and ask the Holy Spirit to nudge you into new ways of sharing that gift with others.


Vernita Kennen
Incarnation Lutheran, Shoreview