Caring for the Caregivers

Date posted: Thursday 07 June 2018

This week's update contains excerpts from a report recently shared by the Day of Grace team, a programmatic group affiliated with Bega Kwa Bega. A full copy of their report can be found here.


Day of Grace is an annual two-day program, which focuses upon caring for pastors and evangelists in the Iringa Diocese. Pastoral ministry in Iringa means sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and caring for hundreds of parishioners which often involves challenging conditions. Disease, death, lack of infrastructure, limited resources, and the never-ending high expectations of time and energy are constant stressors on pastors and their families. The Day of Grace program provides a respite from the enormous daily demands and challenges of parish ministry in which the pastors and evangelists are invited to simply "be present" and receive the gift of grace through others...


The Day of Grace Program is intended to promote health, wholeness and well-being which includes:

  1. Affirmation and appreciation of pastors and evangelists
  2. Opportunities for fellowship and worship with friends and colleagues
  3. Physical care and promoting personal well-being (including a physical health assessment by local physicians)
  4. Presentations, lectures and teaching (large and small group)


Day of Grace program facts:

  • Since Day of Grace began in 2012, over 1,200 pastors, evangelists, pastor's spouses and DIRA Staff have participated in the program.
  • All pastors and evangelists are invited to an annual Day of Grace program. Participation includes all congregations in the Iringa Diocese, not just those partnered with BKB.
  • Day of Grace offers a physical assessment, medical testing, preliminary diagnosis, and medications as needed by participants. Ongoing medical follow-up and care is suggested for those with medical issues.
  • The 2017 Day of Grace Program served two DIRA Districts and over 300 pastors and evangelists at Bomalagombe and Ilula parishes.


2018 Day of Grace Program Plans

  • Beginning in 2018, the Day of Grace program will return to Iringa for a single event. Pastors and their spouses from two DIRA Districts will be invited to attend each year.
  • The keynote presentations for 2018-20 will be on marriage and family.
  • The medical focus and lecture will be on breast and prostate cancer.
  • Trained pastoral counseling will be available to participants (new in 2018).
  • Morning prayer, worship, and music by local choirs will be joyfully offered.
  • DIRA leaders will be available for consultation.


Day of Grace is one of many initiatives that link people of faith in Minnesota to our companions in Tanzania. To learn more about this program and how you might get involved in caring for caregivers in the Iringa Diocese, please contact Beth and Tom Hansen at


- Beth, Tom, and the Day of Grace Program Team