We Are Called to Respond After Hurricane Devastation

Date posted: Thursday 10 December 2020

Pastor Karen Castillo messaged me the other night from a hotel in Playa Grande, Cobán. She, Estuardo, and Diego had been out visiting the rural congregations for seven days, running into collapsed bridges, missing chunks of highways, and flooded fields and houses three weeks after the last hurricane hit. They were tired, muddy, and hungry, about to enter a restaurant in the safest way possible, with COVID-19 still a threat.


In spite of so many difficulties, she shared the good news that they were able to visit numerous rural churches, conducting five worship services with 16 baptisms. And she shared a special message from members of the rural congregations, "Ellos dicen que no se sienten solos." (They say that they do not feel alone.)


They do not feel alone. They know that the ILAG staff is praying for them and supporting them with supplies. They know that their U.S. partners are praying for them and giving funds for the supplies.


Please watch the video below, by Jennifer Reinhardt, to understand better how we can respond to the devastation from Hurricanes Eta and Iota.


They do not feel alone...because we walk with them.


Janet Metcalfe