Building a Firm Foundation

Date posted: Friday 26 October 2018

We recently visited 'Jerusalem' - a newly established preaching point of Mtwivila Parish in Iringa - to check in on the progress they have been making on the construction of a new chapel building. In just under a month the people of the congregation had dug out trenches, put down a base layer of gravel, cut large rocks and set them into place with cement to build a solid foundation for the building to come. They did all of this work on the side of a hill. They did all of this work by hand.


Like this hillside chapel, the companion synod relationship we call Bega Kwa Bega has been built, lovingly and painstakingly, by hand. It is the result of the effort made by thousands and the generosity of each of their contributions both large and small. Like the rocks and stones that have been cut and set, each of us has our place and a role to play in strengthening and sustaining this life that we share together in Christ.


With an eye to the future and a desire to ensure that this relationship stands on a solid footing for many generations to come, at this year's Fall Festival and in the months that follow you will be invited to make a contribution or commitment to the newly established Bega Kwa Bega endowment fund. Opened late in 2017 with an initial balance of $25,000 our goal is to double it quickly. With hope, doing so will inspire future giving and further growth.


That growth, in turn, will lead to greater investments in projects that align with the mission and vision of BKB and advance our shared strategic priorities. In early 2019 we expect to make an initial distribution from the endowment, with applications received at the end of this year. As an Iringa Committee, we are excited to have another resource available to bolster our common work as a network of individuals, congregations, and affiliated organizations.


All of this will come together at the BKB Fall Festival on Saturday, November 10 at Roseville Lutheran Church. The offering collected that day will go directly toward our goal of doubling the current endowment fund. Becky Palmgren, regional gift planner for the ELCA Foundation, will be on hand to answer questions and schedule appointments with those who may be interested in a planned giving approach or making a legacy gift in support of our work with the Iringa Diocese. Iringa Committee Chair, Kirsten Levorson, will also be present to share more information about the endowment, disbursals, and the application process for potential recipients.


For all of what was, and for all of the investments in what will be, let us give thanks.




The Rev. Peter Harrits

Director of Bega Kwa Bega