BKB Program Coordinator

Date posted: Saturday 25 January 2020

We are now recruiting for the role of BKB Program Coordinator… help us spread the word!

Based in Iringa, Tanzania this two-year volunteer position is supported by the Saint Paul Area Synod and ELCA Global Mission. It includes provisions for training/orientation, a living allowance, accommodation, and transportation. Reporting to the Director of Bega Kwa Bega, the BKB Program Coordinator ensures year-round representation of the Saint Paul Area Synod with our companions in the ELCT-Iringa Diocese. In cooperation with a team of other volunteers, the Program Coordinator provides support to the core work of our relationship in four key areas:


  • Administration – Provide consistent coverage for BKB-SPAS operations in Iringa including, but not limited to, banking, financial reporting, and maintaining SPAS assets.
  • Relationship Building – Fully participate in the life of the Iringa Diocese, building a strong network of relationships with leaders at their head office and in congregations. Work with the BKB-DIRA liaison to improve communication and strengthen relationships between companion congregations in Iringa and St. Paul.
  • Hospitality – Host visiting delegations and providing orientation and training to visiting delegations as needed. Work in conjunction with BKB travel coordinator, BKB-DIRA liaison, and vendors, on scheduling visits and related logistics.
  • Project Monitoring – Work with the director of Bega Kwa Bega and BKB-DIRA liaison to visit and provide oversight, documentation, and reports about select companion congregation and affiliated projects. This includes the BKB scholarship program, construction projects, and capacity building/training programs.


Stepping into the role of BKB Program Coordinator involves locating oneself in a vibrant network of relationship that has developed over the past 30 years and stretches around the world, linking thousands of people, hundreds of communities of faith, and a handful of affiliated development organizations. It is a celebration of life, together, in Christ and has been a transformative experience for those who have said ‘yes’ to the invitation to serve.


Reflecting on her own time in the role, Deacon April Trout writes, “This has been such a blessing to me, and conversely I am told that my presence in Iringa is a great blessing to them. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity this experience has provided me to serve the Saint Paul Area Synod, the ELCA, the Iringa Diocese, and the ELCT.”


With orientation set for July 2020, applications for the position are now being received through the ELCA Job Board. Priority consideration will be given to applications received by March 1. Contact the Rev. Peter Harrits, Director of BKB with any questions or for more information (peter.harrits@spas-elca.org).


Watch the video below to hear April share more about the position and her experience in Tanzania: