Another Great Day in Guatemala

Date posted: Tuesday 17 November 2015

Easter in Eagan's delegation to Guatemala left on October 8. More photos from their time with ILAG can be found on Easter's Facebook page. Delegation member Sarah Barber shares the following reflection from a day spent with ILAG:


We spent the morning at the market in Guatemala City!  There was lots of stuff to look at including veggies, fruit, and flowers. After lunch, we headed to El Mirador School to visit with the children. That was a lot of fun. We talked about how we are each unique just like snowflakes. Then, we made snowflakes out of paper! After some rest and snacks at the Lutheran Center, we headed out to visit Edgar and his family at his parents house. They are members of Salvador del Mundo.


We met with women for the Women's Retreat and talked about being women who bear much fruit. At the Retreat, we played some basketball before lunch. We did our snowflake lesson with the women and had so much fun! We also shared stories and prayed together. After a light supper, our group headed out to Eudordo's home, south of the Lutheran Center, for a home visit.


What a fabulous Sunday praising God, having a party and visiting friends! We went to worship at Salvador del Mundo with all the ladies from the retreat, Pastor Karen, Todd, and our delegation. Our group rode on a "chicken" bus to church. After church they celebrated with a party for us, the women, and Diana's fourth birthday. It was wonderful! We went back to the Lutheran center for lunch, more activities with the women, and dinner. Then, it was off to visit Nora and her whole family! Another great day in Guatemala!


Sarah Barber

Easter Lutheran, Eagan