Affiliate Relationships

Date posted: Thursday 16 February 2023

At its core, our Bega Kwa Bega companionship is a relationship between the Iringa Diocese-ELCT and the Saint Paul Area Synod- ELCA, along with another layer of relationships between member congregations and parishes. In addition to those relationships, another network of affiliated organizations has developed over time. These organizations are administratively and fiscally independent, while also interdependent, sharing the BKB mission and values, working to support life, health, and development within the Iringa Region. Here are some recent updates.


Day of Grace (healthcare, wellness) plans to hold seminars for diocese pastors and spouses in July and November this year.


Friends of Huruma (children, social services) supports the Huruma Centre, the diocese owned orphanage. Recently the facility began to provide services to children under three years old, in addition to the older children currently served.


Friends of the University of Iringa (education) provided scholarship support for 40+ students this academic year.


Iringa Hope (microfinance) is helping its members rebound from the effects of the pandemic economy. The major focus of Iringa Hope for 2023 will be a renewed emphasis on training and education for agronomics and financial management and leadership for SACCOS and AMCOS cooperative leaders. With a lack of person-to-person and group meetings during the pandemic, and new officers elected to leadership positions, training and education will be important throughout the year.


Millions of Trees (reforestation) is expanding to include the Southern Diocese of the ELCT! They have a plot of land, a leader and team of people, and are planning on planting avocado and pine tree seedlings.


Radio Furaha (evangelism, education) continues to broadcast news, education and music throughout Iringa. They also invite the BKB community to submit brief audio greetings for airing. Send your recorded audio files to


Shoulder to Shoulder (healthcare) and its offshoot Dignity for Daughters (education, wellness) both sent delegations to Iringa in recent months. Medical professionals held their annual conference in January and worked with the staff at Ilula Hospital. DfD organized its first educational presentations at two diocese schools this past fall, and hired a program coordinator to implement its work to alleviate ‘period poverty’ among young women.


St. Paul Partners (water, health, hygiene) resumed their teaching partnership with the University of Minnesota through the course Design for Life, with 13 students and three leaders visiting Iringa in January. See below for an invitation to the students’ presentations later this month.


You can learn more about these organizations and their contact information here. For all these ways to support life and health and development among our companions, we give thanks!




Kirsten Levorson

Director of Bega Kwa Bega