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BKB Affiliates are independent organizations that work in collaboration with both the Saint Paul Area Synod and the Iringa Diocese to support life, education, health and economic conditions within the Iringa Region of Tanzania.


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Day of Grace

Through day-long seminars and workshops, Day of Grace teaches pastors, evangelists, leaders, and their spouses about proper health care, wellness, and stress management.


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Contact:  Tom and Beth Hansen at


Friends of Huruma |

Friends of Huruma cares for the children of the Huruma Centre, a children’s home operated by the Iringa Diocese, through mutual relationship, prayer, financial support, and programs that enrich the lives of the children and keep supporters of the Centre informed about this ministry. In partnership with the diocese and the Huruma Centre, Friends of Huruma has five goals: sustainable operational support, secondary school, university and vocational training scholarships, essential health care, collaboration with international mission partners, and capital development.


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Contact: Pastor Chris Smith at


Iringa Hope |

Dedicated to raising the standard of living in rural Tanzania, Iringa Hope works through the Micro-Finance Institute at the University of Iringa to loans small amounts of money to farmers and shopkeepers by way of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) and Agriculture Marketing Cooperatives (AMCOS).


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Contact: Dr. Tom Hendrickson at



Millions of Trees |

“Planting trees is really about planting hope.” By planting millions of trees across the Iringa Region, barren hills are being reforested with a renewable resource that, when harvested, will support the economic well being of our companions for years to come.


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Contact: Pastor Kent Claussen Gubrud at



Radio Furaha |

Broadcasting around the clock, Radio Furaha is a self-supporting FM radio station run by the Iringa Diocese. With financial contributions and technical assistance from the United States, they hope to expand their programming of music, evangelism, and education to neighboring parts of Tanzania.


Greetings from Radio Furaha


Contact: Noel Petit at



Saint Paul Partners |

To date, Saint Paul Partners has worked with companions in Tanzania to dig more than 100 fresh water wells across the Iringa region, improving the health and livelihoods of thousands. With an eye to sustainability, recipients of wells are trained in the fundamentals of water, sanitation, and hygiene as well.


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Shoulder to Shoulder |

From the development of Ilula Lutheran Hospital to the construction of village dispensaries and the creation of a new nursing school, Shoulder to Shoulder works with the Medical Team of the Iringa Diocese to upgrade Lutheran medical facilities across the region.


Contact: Dr. Ken Olson at