A Word of Thanks

Date posted: Thursday 16 August 2018

The following is a letter that was received this week by Bishop Lull, on behalf of the people of the Saint Paul Area Synod. It comes from the leadership of the Iringa Diocese and expresses their gratitude for the gift of relationship - a sentiment we heard last month when BKB-SPAS representatives were invited to sit in on a meeting of the BKB-DIRA committee (pictured above).


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,


On behalf of the ELCT-Iringa Diocese, we wish to extend our gratitude for the sound job you are doing in sponsoring our students in different levels like Secondary Education and Post-Secondary education. Not only that, but you are also involved in various projects that are beneficial to our diocese.


The impact of all this support is vivid when we look at all who were privileged to have your sponsorship - including those who are now employed by our diocese in her secondary schools and those in other sectors, such as the practice of law, medical doctors and nurses, as well as self-employed. Furthermore, you have supported the Iringa Diocese in projects like afforestation (the Million Trees project) and promoting (or developing) parishes, hospital facilities, dispensaries, and secondary schools through building projects.


In this regard, we thank God for establishing this wonderful relationship from which we are able to glorify and serve God through Bega Kwa Bega DIRA and SPAS. Thus, we pray for long life for this partnership, which the ELCT Iringa Diocese has identified as one of the six key priorities in her strategic plan.


We therefore wish to remain in strong partnership for God's glory.


Peace and Blessing,


Bishop Blaston Gaville

General Secretary Nayman Chavalla

Pastor Lusungu Msigwa - BKB-DIRA Coordinator