A Time for Everything

Date posted: Friday 18 August 2017

There is a five-part series on the ELCA World Hunger blog written by Ethan Bergman, MDiv student at Luther Seminary but already with a host of other academic degrees and jobs. He has focused on time and gardening using these five words: planning, planting, perspiring, picking, and putting to bed. You can access them at: blogs.elca.org/worldhunger/time-everything


Here is something from the July piece: "Whenever I think of harvesting, I am in awe that God has provided us with the miracle of vegetable and fruit growth. What is even more remarkable is that the growing and developing plants only need a few simple things to make it all work. These include sunlight, soil and water. Here is a prayer from Evangelical Lutheran Worship Pastoral Care Occasional Services, Readings and Prayers (published by Augsburg Press) that helps express the thanksgiving we feel during the harvest season. Praying this prayer may be a fitting way to begin our harvest.


"Most Glorious God, according to your wisdom the deep waters are opened up and clouds drop gentle moisture. We praise you for the return of planting and harvest seasons, for the fertility of the soil, for the harvesting of the crops and for all other blessings that you in your generosity pour out on all people. Give us a full understanding of your mercy, that our lives may show respect and care for your creation; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen."


Vernita Kennen


Photo via Unsplash