A Song to Encourage Us to End Hunger

Date posted: Tuesday 05 March 2019

Music often has the ability to remain with us longer than the spoken word. But if we only remember the notes and forget the words to a choral piece, we miss the real meaning. When the words and music seem to fit perfectly together, the meaning remains with us in a very special way.


Many of us appreciate the "good old songs" we grew up singing in our congregations but also are grateful for the new music which speaks to us in changing ways, often making us pay attention rather than singing by rote memory. We have all grown through the introduction of hymns from other cultures that are now a part of ELW and our worship.


At my home church, Incarnation Lutheran, we sing the song “Until All Are Fed” by Bryan Field McFarland during special efforts or appeals on behalf of those who live with hunger. Listen and pay special attention to the words.


Vernita Kennen

Incarnation Lutheran, Shoreview