A Safe Place to Learn

Date posted: Monday 09 December 2019

Dear Friends of Guatemala,


We send many greetings from the Augustinian Lutheran Church of Guatemala, especially from all the children of the Colegio Luterano Agustino de Guatemala (the ILAG elementary school), their teachers and educational coordinator.


We are very happy to share the news that we have already purchased the property for the elementary school, and the children are very happy to have a safe place in which they can learn, and not just a formal education but truly a well-rounded, holistic education.


Our happiness is so great, and we feel immense gratitude for all of you who have supported the school for so many years.


We want to thank you for believing that our school, in conjunction with the entire ILAG education ministry being carried out in Guatemala, gives children a rare opportunity to study. These are children who otherwise would not be able to study in a safe place.


We also want to share that we just hosted the 5th International Consultation of Latin American Churches and their Companions Synods of the ELCA. We thank our Almighty God, as it was a real blessing. During our presentations we recognized the strong support that the Saint Paul Area Synod has given us for many years.


We want to express our deep gratitude to all the Lutheran churches of the Saint Paul Area Synod. We will continually express it because, thanks to your unconditional support, we are at the stage of development we enjoy today.


Many blessings, Merry Christmas, and a prosperous year full of hope as we continue walking together!


Your sisters in Christ,


Beatriz Castillo, Education Coordinator
Rev. Karen Castillo, President
Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala