A Part of the Effort

Date posted: Tuesday 14 June 2016

At the Guatemala Gala on May 22, Easter Lutheran in Eagan presented the Rev. Karen Castillo, president of the Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala, with a $45,000 check for the Centro Educativo Milagro.


Visiting with Pastor Karen while riding the bus in Guatemala City and while traveling to our partner congregation, I couldn't help but be deeply struck by how passionate she is about the proposed Centro Educativo Milagro. She talked of almost nothing else, showing her concern, care, and devotion to the women of Guatemala and her commitment to serving women in need. While visiting, we toured Guatemala City, looking at potential sites for the Center. It was an emotional experience for our entire delegation, especially knowing that many properties have come and gone due to the lack of funds for a down payment. The needs are clear and from the look in Pastor Karen's eyes we could tell that this is such a priority for her, for ILAG's ministry, and for the community. We were motivated to support the efforts to launch this vibrant ministry.   


At Easter we conducted a capital improvement plan to update our facilities. As a part of the appeal, the congregation decided to tithe a portion of the funds to construction related efforts in our companion communities around the world, and the construction of the Center and the acquisition of the land is exactly what we had in mind. The decision to use the funds for the Center was not difficult at all. And we are thrilled to be a part of the effort.


Matt Brokl

Director of Operations and Global Mission

Easter Lutheran, Eagan