A New Song

Date posted: Tuesday 23 October 2018

En Espanol.


¨Sing to him a new song; play skillfully and shout for joy.¨ Psalm 33: 3


My name is Jeremy Esau Arias, I am 18 years old and I have been a musician since I was 12 years old.


Since I have been involved in music, I have come to realize that music within the church is very important, because it is one of the many ways in which we can show our gratitude to God for everything he has done for us. In addition, it is one of the ways of sharing the gospel of grace to every creature.


At the ILAG we believe that it is important to train the musicians who participate in all the churches of the communities so that they, as well as the brothers and sisters who attend services, can have a close relationship with God and improve the gifts He has given them.


How do we achieve that? Through annual music retreats. All the musicians from all the communities come to the Lutheran center for three days to receive materials, workshops, and music lessons.


Four months ago I started working at ILAG and, during this time, I had the opportunity to organize the music retreat. We had a very productive time with all the brothers who are in charge of music in their churches and also those who are still learning.


We talked about music in general, and, as they are learning to read music, we addressed doubts about that. And the most important issue we talked about was what God expects from us as his worshipers.


As a team we hope to continue having these kind of activities. They strengthen the music ministry so that the relationship we have with God involves everyone more. When we sing to him we proclaim His Name, and, thanks to what we learn here together, we can do it skillfully.


Jeremy Arias
Web & Social Media for the ILAG