A New School Year Under a New Roof

Date posted: Thursday 02 January 2020

Thanks to all who contributed to the BKB ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign, students at Mtera Secondary School will begin the 2020 school year in a brand new multi-purpose building, with a brand new roof. Together with the Iringa Diocese, the Scholarship and Education Working Group of the Iringa Committee determined that we would work together to complete the roof for the building at Mtera Secondary School before the rainy season, which began in November. With help from 15 congregations in the Saint Paul Area Synod and several individuals, the roof was completed in November at a cost of $26,000.


On November 27, Amos Mkuye, the building consultant for the Iringa Diocese inspected the roof with a team from the Iringa Diocese head office and BKB. You can see pictures of their visit here. Later that day, at a meeting with school leaders and students, they pronounced the partnership project completed. Headmaster Kelvin Lilawola thanked the representatives from BKB and said that without the help from BKB-SPAS, it would have taken many years for the them to raise funds needed to roof their building. There are still a few things that need to be done to complete the building and Headmaster Lilawola expressed his confidence that these projects could be completed as the students use the building.


This project was so important because Mtera is one of the schools situated farthest from Iringa Town. Mtera, which is also the location of a major hydroelectric dam, is 77 miles north of Iringa in the Rift Valley. The distance from Iringa Town has meant that not many people from St. Paul visit the school. The road from Iringa to Mtera is a good one and those of us who have been to Mtera Secondary School, would encourage travelers to plan a visit to the school next time you’re in Iringa to see how our partnership has provided a roof for these deserving students. Headmaster Kelvin Lilawola and the students at Mtera Secondary School will warmly welcome you to their school.


In late January, the BKB team in Iringa will visit Mtera along with the other Diocese Schools to see the many students supported by partner congregations. Watch for their comments about these and other visits in the weeks to come.


With joy in the New Year,


Pastor Lynda Thompson
BKB Scholarship & Education Chair