A New Hymnal for ILAG!

Date posted: Tuesday 02 June 2015

We are very excited about a first hymnal for the Augustinian Lutheran Church of Guatemala. This July we will be printing enough hymnals for all 16 ILAG congregations. Last year we printed a limited number of hymnals for the musicians in the congregations to test format and hymn selection. This year we have been revising this beta version.


The hymnal has been in the works for 2 and a half years. Todd Thompson, the music coordinator at ILAG, has been collecting and editing the hymns of ILAG. Of course most of the hymns are in Spanish but a number of them are in K'eq chi', the indigenous language that about 12 of the 16 congregations speak. These 12 congregations use differing amounts of the two languages in their services. This makes for a culturally rich hymnal.


There are many Latino hymns from Central and South America and Spain, many classic Lutheran hymns, and many contemporary songs and hymns in the hymnal. The order of service (for the mass) is also included at the front of the hymnal as a resource for teaching and for use in worship.


The format is mostly lyrics and chord symbols, with a few hymns having the musical notes to use as a teaching tool. The book has about 200 hymns and will be printed in a spiral bound fashion.


Todd will be in Minnesota visiting churches and his family from May 24 to July 12. He will also be raising money for the music program and other ministries at ILAG. If you would like him to visit your congregation for a hymn sign or to speak (for a service, Sunday school, or VBS) email Janet Metcalfe at jkmetcalfe@yahoo.com.


Thank you,
Todd Thompson
Music Coordinator, ILAG