A Meaningful Reminder About Thanksgiving

Date posted: Tuesday 24 November 2015

by Vernita Kennen


I am always amazed at where one can find the meeting of hunger, gratitude and spirituality. I enjoy reading recipes in newspapers, magazines, mailers/catalogs, cereal boxes, and just about anywhere else. I was recently reading through a Penzey’s catalog which featured stories and recipes from nurses. Along with the recipes were beautiful reflections about the healing that nurses bring with their kindness and compassion to the places where change in society is most needed. Charlene Smith, a nurse and member of the Oneida Nation, shared a thought which has stayed with me. She said: “In the Indian way, every day is Thanksgiving.” She went on to suggest that we give thanks not only through our words but through giving back.


May we, who celebrate one national day of thanks annually, remember this Thanksgiving 2015 the Native Americans who shared in the first “thanksgiving day” with the European settlers. Through their gifts of kindness the settlers had survived and were able to celebrate with a feast of thanks. As the Penzey’s magazine says the lesson to remember is “that kindness and compassion always make the world a better place. Always. Every time.”


Celebrate Thanksgiving on November 26, 2015. And again on November 27th, November 28th and . . . because every day is truly thanksgiving.