A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Date posted: Friday 01 July 2022

I recently read an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (May 29, 2022) that brought together my concern for hunger, my passion for books (I’m a retired librarian), and my conviction that young people are the hope for the world. The article told of a young boy in Austin, Minn., who read the book We Can Make a Difference as an assignment in his fourth-grade class.


Inspired by reading about a young girl whose giant cabbage became soup for 275 hungry people and learning that one in five people in America struggle with hunger, he and his classmates asked their teacher about planting a community garden.


Their teacher wisely reminded them they would need to tend the garden every year and suggested a community orchard instead. The class talked with the mayor and 10 students attended a city council meeting at 7 a.m. with their proposal.


All five fourth-grade classes helped fund a variety of trees — two apples, a plum and an apricot — to plant along the bike path which many of the students take to school. A local nursery provided not only the trees at half price but advice of planting and care.


The trees are in place, providing shade and food for the hungry in the community. Those young children have made a difference. It’s a lesson we can all take to heart — we can all do something to help end hunger.


Vernita Kennen

Incarnation, Shoreview


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