Waste Not…A Valuable Lesson For Us All

Date posted: Tuesday 30 April 2019

Much has been written about food waste in the last few months. The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently had an article about how one elementary school is helping students learn to share uneaten food as well as recycle their food waste in sustainable ways. Our synod has been gifted with a special DVD by the Southwestern Washington Synod Hunger Committee and Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in Tacoma, Washington.


This video was produced by the PLU Media Lab and the Lutheran Studies program at PLU worked with the synod hunger committee to distribute these to each of our ELCA hunger committees. The DVD is currently living with me in Roseville and I will be glad to share it with any and all of you who will make use of it with a group. Consider who in your congregation or community might be a good audience. Perhaps a youth group? Maybe a senior or older adult group? A social justice committee? A local environmental group? An adult education group? A women’s group? An advocacy group in your congregation or community?


Many issues surround hunger in the United States. Food waste is one of them. Make use of this video to help educate and empower people to waste less of our valuable food supply. Contact the synod office by emailing info@spas-elca.org if you wish to borrow the DVD.


Vernita Kennen
Incarnation Lutheran, Shoreview