Stores quickly replaced Christmas displays with Valentine’s Day items…cards, decorations, and definitely sweets! Are you one of those people who gift someone you love on that special day in February? Flowers or candy are common, of course, but there are other ways to show how much you care.

My congregation, like many others, promotes ELCA World Hunger Good Gifts as a way to provide an alternative gift during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Have you considered doing so during the “season of the heart,” too? Are you aware of the resources available from ELCA to help you do that? Did you know you could download cards and coloring sheets for Valentine’s Day? Click here!

I particularly like the ones related to bees. Of course, you would want someone to “Bee My Valentine.” Or perhaps you want something larger and could go with “Hogs and Kisses.” Many of us have grandchildren who would appreciate the coloring sheets and you could help them learn about the important ways in which gifts like these to ELCA World Hunger provide needed nutrition for children in other parts of the world.

Share from the heart this February in a different way than a heart-shaped box. You can definitely “Bee” someone else’s valentine. Sweet thought, isn’t it?

Vernita Kennen
Incarnation, Shoreview