Ryan and Astine Bose have been our Bega Kwa Bega program coordinators in Iringa for the past two and a half years and will be completing their service this month. They interviewed and were selected for the position in early 2020, just as the pandemic disrupted travel and plans gave way to uncertainty. They showed grit and patience as their deployment was delayed from October 2020 to March of 2021. When they finally arrived in Iringa, there were still no Minnesota delegations of travelers until May of 2022.

They’ve had a unique experience as our Bega Kwa Bega Program Coordinators.

As we say “Kwaheri” [goodbye] or perhaps “Tutaonana Baadaye” [see you later], the BKB community on both sides of this companionship is expressing deep thanks for their presence, their professionalism and their commitment.

Although we never met in person, I want to say thank you for your ministry during these few years. You’ve kept us connected, administered scholarships, directed funds, provided wise counsel and helped us preserve and grow our partnership. Thanks for all. – Pastor Marty Erickson, Como Park Lutheran Church

Words of thanks hardly seem adequate in relation to all the work the two of you have done to preserve the Bega Kwa Bega partnership over the last two and a half years. You had the courage to venture a world away during the COVID outbreak to work for the Saint Paul Area Synod in the Iringa Diocese in Tanzania. From being efficient running the office to being efficient driving on the muddy roads, you two have really set a new bar for competency! I thank you for saying ‘yes’ to being our hands and feet in the Iringa Diocese! – Birdie Olson, South Cluster Leader

I also wanted to give a special thanks for your visit to the Saint Paul Area Synod last December. Your stories and slides really conveyed your love for the people of Iringa and helped transport us to the place that is so close to many of our hearts. – Caryn Josephson, Iringa Committee Chair

Here in Iringa, gratitude for Ryan and Astine has been expressed at every recent school visit and parish visit. Our companions in the Iringa Diocese truly appreciate the year-round presence provided by our progam coordinators.

BKB is blessed to have the resources to support this position and associated expenses – airfare, residency permits, a space to live and work, vehicle, insurance and stipend. While we take time to thank Ryan and Astine for their service, we also take this opportunity to thank the donors and community who support their presence in Iringa.

Asante sana,

Kirsten Levorson
Director of Bega Kwa Bega

Gifts to Saint Paul Area Synod, BKB Mission Personnel Support, are gratefully accepted and may be made online or by sending a check to the synod office.