As southern district workers, we have enjoyed a lot this day since it was a golden chance for us. The Day of Grace has given us the new energy and therefore we will go back in our working place with a new power and energy. As we have received from you, we will keep on praying for you so as God may empower you on this good service.

Nearly 100 pastors, parish secretaries, and their spouses from the Southern District gathered in Iringa at the Huruma Centre from July 3-5, 2023, for the Day of Grace program. Tom and Beth Hansen have shepherded this BKB affiliate ministry for more than a decade. Russ Hilliard supported the July event on the side of BKB SPAS, and Pastor Karsten Nelson and Eric Elton will assist another event in November.

Actually it was a good day for us, we enjoyed. We had a time to rest and learn about how to rest and the importance of resting for us as pastors. But also we shared the food together. Finally we had a time to check our health, for we were together with the doctors and nurses from Ilula Hospital and Tungamalenga Dispensary. The doctors and nurses advised us on how to take care of ourselves.

Following the usual format, relevant presentations — this year on the importance of rest, and health maintenance — were sandwiched around the availability of medical examinations and prescriptions (or refills). All of this was punctuated by fellowship around bountiful meals and breaks; I saw groups in the shade of trees or gathered on steps, chatting and laughing. The closing session included singing by the Huruma children, joined by the participants who were also dancing. It was a successful day by any measure.

Dear friends, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ; I would like to give great thanks for the good moments of the Day of Grace. We have enjoyed a lot on these good and attractive days, we have been entertained and feel good; I am among the participants who enjoyed the moments. Thank you for your financial support that helped us to travel well, enjoy a meal, have a body check up, and good music. I hope our Lord will bless you all. Thank you so much. We love you so much and God bless you all.

One pastor said that he “will go home a different person.” Thanks be to God, and to Pastor Msigwa and Frank Mkocha, who provided invaluable leadership.

Russ Hilliard & Day of Grace Participants