2022 Worship

Worship is always an important aspect of our synod assemblies. Click here to view a PDF of the 2022 Synod Assembly Worship Bulletin, which led us through opening and closing services each day of our gathering. Thank you to the worship planning team, talented musicians, communion assistants, readers and others who contributed. A special thanks to Roseville Lutheran's John Helgen (lead worship planner) and Daniel Pederson (bulletin designer) for their work!


Bishop's Sermon

"What people crave today is not an argumentative church. Not an excluding church where some are insiders and others are left out. Not a judgmental church, or a self-serving church, that simply echoes the assumptions of a dominant culture. What people long for is a servant church. A church where love is stronger than hate and division and despair. " Click here to read Bishop Patricia Lull's sermon from Friday, May 13. 


Remembering the Children

This year, our opening worship began with a section dedicated to the culmination of 225 days of "Remembering the Children," a period of remembrance, repentence and resolve to live in equitable partnership with neighbors of Native identity. Learn more about the initiative and how congregations joined in the commemoration.


We are grateful to the Imnizaska Drum Group from the Native American community who participated in this prayer service for the many children of Indian boarding schools who never made it home.


Hear within our breath the grief we carry for all the sacred children who lost their lives
or survived the abuse at the hands of those who brought suffering onto children in the name of God.
We weep in sorrow and we lament for our participation in a system that allowed these deaths to happen.
We humbly ask for forgiveness in the complicity we maintained.



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